Mechanical Engineering Services

Offering personalized Mechanical Engineering, Product Design, and Prototyping services based out of San Diego, CA.

Engineering Project Planning

The key to a successful project is clearly defining what it needs to accomplish. Many people unfamiliar with engineering development do not give project planning proper consideration from the start, and it can be very costly to define after development efforts have started. Some of the planning services offered are:

Mechanical Design & Analysis

There are many different aspects of Mechanical Design and Analysis which may be applicable to product development, depending on your needs:

Prototype Assembly & Testing

An important part of ensuring a product's success is incrementally validating performance requirements using low cost prototypes. This provides a real-world representation of the design which can offer a much higher return on investment than detailed simulation and modeling. It is also critical for testing assumptions made during the planning phase, and often brings to light challenges which were not initially considered. In-house ability to modify components, electronics, software, and overall functionality of prototypes is critical to the "fail fast" mentality which allows design improvements to be discovered and addressed early in the development process. PERRY Mechanical Design has access to a wide array of fabrication equipment and an established partnership with Marine Machine Services in San Diego. In addition to prototype fabrication and assembly, PERRY Mechanical Design offers:

Manufacturing Documentation

The key to ensuring a smooth transfer from prototype design to production product is a robust product definition package that provides all critical information about the product without requiring explanation from an engineer. A complete product definition package should include:

Manufacturing Support

PERRY Mechanical Design has experience using every major manufacturing process and has worked with countless manufacturers in the US, Mexico, and overseas. PERRY Mechanical Design has designed products using injection molding, machining, sheet metal stamping and forming, 3D printing, casting, water jet cutting, laser engraving and cutting, and even LDS antenna production. PERRY Mechanical Design offers:

Product Visualization

In many situations, before we can begin prototype manufacture and testing, it is necessary to raise funding and gauge consumer interest in the product. Once the initial 3D CAD design is complete, a set of photo-realistic renderings can go a long way to sell future customers on your idea. These can also be used for high quality cut-away views to help explain fit or function of your design