Work Examples

Clear Blue Sea - Small Scale Prototypes

With the help of 40 student volunteers, led the design, fabrication, and testing of two solar electric catamarans using donated sailboat hulls, drone flight controllers, Hoffmeyer conveyor components, and commercially available solar charging equipment. The boats are able to navigate using GPS waypoints and provide 4 camera feeds back to the shore-based remote operator. They also include some basic environmental sensors for monitoring ocean health

Next marine Solutions - Pug® 

Providing conceptual design review, load analysis, component sizing, and detailed mechanical design of components and systems for NxMar's Portable Underwater Generator or PUG® .

Design of 3 plastic components to be assembled at various heights to simplify concrete embeds for construction

Design of rugged enclosure similar to Pelican Cases to house offroad UTV replacement belt and tools. Molded in Chula Vista, CA

Design of IP68 enclosure to fit new antenna designs using existing baseplate from similar product

Design of RFID reading station for customer provided electronics using pre-selected Laird Antenna. Included internal cooling solution to prevent overheating

Case Modifications_V17.pdf

Creation of manufacturing drawings for modifications to Polycase enclosures for custom electronics housing

Design, fabrication, assembly, and testing of wheelchair concept which uses a scissor lift to raise occupant to eye level


Havel Camp Cot

Design of lightweight, collapsible camping cot frame rails which could also be used as hiking poles. Created prototype which successfully supported 200lb occupant

Oncosec Applicator

Design of 20 component applicator using injection molded components which could extend needles in 1mm increments from 1-15mm

1932 Duesenberg Supercharger

Creation of CAD models using original 1932 Duesenberg drawings to recreate supercharger impeller and machine raw castings

VENA Water Concepts

Research and design of low power atmospheric water generator concepts using geothermal cooling. Creation of math models to estimate system performance and aid in component sizing and selection

Clear Blue Sea - Floating Robot for Eliminating Debris (FRED)

Conceptual design of 100 ft FRED